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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Aren't You Incensed?

Apparently I didn't howl loudly enough! When I read the AP report on visa applications, bank bailouts and layoffs here, I was livid. I sent the information to people I expected to be as upset as I, and I posted it in Facebook. No one commented, no one reacted at all, and I wavered a bit, thinking maybe it isn't such a big deal. But it is a big deal. Plain and simple, taxpayers bail out the banks and the banks hire people from the world employment pool, not the national. It is clearly a money issue, and one of the reasons you will find highly degreed people, some, no doubt, repaying student loans, flipping burgers at fast food places. Aren't you incensed? I am.

Some people call it outsourcing when customer service jobs are shipped off to India or other foreign lands. How many of the unemployed will tell your that they have been 'outsourced' (- a polite way of saying 'fired,' it means the same thing -) that have been replaced by foreign labor, 'interns?'

The banks-those big ones being bailed out by the taxpayers - have helped cause the financial woes in this country by allowing qualified American people to go jobless - or be underemployed - while they cut a few corners by replacing those workers with foreign workers. They should be held accountable for this, and some restrictions should be placed on their hiring practices before another cent of taxpayer money bails them out. And what about the auto industry? How many are using 'foreign interns' rather than citizens of our own country to fill their technical needs? What about other industries, some with Department of Defense contracts, who hire from the international pool?

Somebody listen to me! This is a big deal. This is partly what has derailed our economy! We the taxpayers must demand that as long as we are bailing out banks and other employers, those banks and other employers had better not be giving our jobs away to the foreign visa applicants.

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