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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Voice from the Middle

I don’t just say I am politically independent to ward off arguments or to hear myself talk. I really am. I regret that the Republican party has narrowed its candidates for nomination for president down to one person already. It is much too soon.

Looking on the Democratic side, I see one candidate hurt and confused that the other candidate is leaping ahead in number of delegates and popularity of the masses. Senator Clinton, you have shown clearly why independent voters like me wait to make our choices. Let me explain.

The highest office in the land is no place for a shrewd shrew. Watching your behavior, I try to imagine the leader of my country treating world leaders or even everyday contacts the way you have treated your opponent, the press and the public. You may have experience as a Senator of your adopted state, but the work there didn’t (though it should have) teach you much about diplomacy, niceness, public relations or people skills.

It is unfortunate that those in the public eye are going to hear negative things said about themselves and even their children. Unfortunate, but frequent. To shrug off all dignity and reply with fury when you felt your child was wounded was not a good thing, Senator. She is a big girl; it was herself whose reply, if any, should have been heard. I look into an imaginary future and see that same reaction happening if someone somewhere in the world angers you, and what would you do when entertainers and political columnists and cartoonists do what they have always done, and make you and your imaginary White House a pillory? See, Senator, not everyone in the world is going to like you. Saying “Shame on you ... “ makes no points in the diplomatic or good manners circles, not even the polite corner. Acting a shrew is not going to work with world leaders, either.

Neither did you learn about keeping the spirit of your word, not diving through the loopholes. When the delegates were removed from Florida, your party decided not to campaign there. I believe all Democrats campaigning signed something to that effect, agreeing to the party edict. The day before the Florida primary election it was all the news that you were in Florida – though not campaigning. Yep. All the news. Very Shrewd. Marketing people will tell you that any publicity is good publicity, and that said, it appears to me (and most likely others) that you broke the spirit of your word, your signature, visiting Florida and making news in Florida the day before that state's primary .

I could go on.

This is why I stay in the middle. Nominees and candidates will eliminate themselves; if given enough time, real personalities will emerge and thinking people will give serious thought to how we want our country represented in the world. I am certainly not against having a woman as president, but she must be presidential material.

We still have a bit over eight months before our presidential election. Who’s next?