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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just Another Valentine's Day

Those who have known me for more than a year know how I feel about February 14 - otherwise known as "Heart Day," "Cupid's Day," "Love Day," or "(St.)Valentine's Day." You know the background of this "holiday." (Or if you don't and want to, check it out here ) No -- this isn't about the history or the around-the-world traditions regarding today's celebrations. This is about people looking out for people. I write about how, for every other holiday, we look out for the unfortunate folk that have less than we do, and see that they at least have dinner on Thanksgiving, something in their socks for Christmas, a chick or an egg or some such on Easter. In general, we are a charitable people - except when it comes to Valentine's Day.

When was the last time you were reveling in the glorious feeling of being loved on Valentine's day and gave even a half-thought to your friend, your sister or brother, or - yes, in the spirit of the other holidays, even a stranger! - who was not romantically attached to anyone; someone you know who has no significant other with whom to share this day ? Have you once thought of looking after these folks who go it alone? See what I mean? We have ALWAYS been neglected on Valentine's Day.

Well - this year is different. Someone remembered those of us who are unattached, who have no one to send or recieve flowers to or from. Today we have (Ta Da!)

Unconditional Chocolate!

The kind people who make Dove (r) Ice Cream have, whether unwittingly or not, created exactly what we need on a day like today. Let all the lovers have their Unconditional Love -- we have our Unconditional Chocolate (tm)! Chocolate is, after all, "The Great Sublimator" - the "instead-of" savior for so many of us- and all done done so tastefully , thank you , with no overt labels or advertising to embarass us or anything. At last! Something for the solo folk among us!

I was introduced to this marvel by a friend with whom I shared dinner the other night. He asked what he could bring, so I left dessert up to him. It was outrageous! My friend, also a singleton, bought chocolate-on-chocolate-in- chocolate-cake, and brought this ice cream as an added touch.


So to the makers of Dove(r) Unconditional Love ice cream, thank you - thank you - thank you! To those who know an unattached person, consider gifting him or her with this delight for Valentine's Day to show he/she is not forgotten!

To those who recieve this as a gift from your friend or family member today, bear in mind this is an entire pint of Unconditional Chocolate(tm) and it contains 4 (four) individual servings. (Yeah, right!) But I have heard (and this is purely a rumor) that chocolate has no calories for the whole of Valentine's Day.


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