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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

As Good a Time as Any....

Here we are, at the beginning of a new year (I slept through most of last year -- welcome to 2008!) so this is just about the best time I can think of to start writing again. No -- no list of resolutions here, no baring my soul and rotten habits to the world in general. I do not believe in an annual soul-searching to decide what it is about myself I want to improve in the next 12 months. I know what they are. Either I will or will not expend energy on these things. What I do, however, like to do this time of year is mark the successes, accomplishments (whether successful or not -- effort needs to be applauded, too, doesn't it?) and such.

Ah -- but we are all full of good intentions, aren't we! Each of us is certain we are on the right track while everyone else is -- well, maybe just a little bit off... Which reminds me -- 2008 is an election year here in the US. It should be interesting to watch, though I am sure I will be doing more than my share of talking back to television commercials and the helpful e-mails those folks I hardly know at all are sending to me with urgent notes to "Important, Please Read." Then there is my uncle in NY who likes to send me all his Tidy Righty messages, and old friends I haven't heard from in years telling me this is the year the Libertarian party will finally, at long last, shine. Ah -- if I can just keep my sense of humor alive for a while longer.

Here's what I've got: One kid is so far right he will probably tip over one day. This kid has great values and a wonderful outlook on life, and that is good for this kid. I have another kid who balances the first one a bit - a logical thinker with an eye on the reality of life and economics and such as it occurs to her in the real world of folks who work for a living. And I have another kid who looks upon the happenings of this country from outside its borders - wandering in now and then for visits and experiences, but for the most part quite removed from it all. And me --? I am happily in the middle of it all, centered somewhere as a political independent with some leanings in all directions.
It's going to be an interesting year! Stay tuned ...



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