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Monday, September 05, 2005

Balancing the Checkbook

I am disabled - I've mentioned that before here - and I rely on my monthly Social Security disability checks. They drop like clockwork into my bank account, and I can count on them being there on the third day of every month. It's how I pay my rent, buy my groceries, pay my bills.

But what if I am taking refuge in another city and cannot access my account at the ATM because my bank is under water? What of all the transactions lost?

And what if I didn't have direct deposit and my monthly checks arrive in my mailbox? What if I lived along the Gulf Coast? What if I no longer have a mailbox?

Those who come in contact with the displaced persons from the Gulf Coast disaster -- think of these things. Think of all the ways their lives are different now, of all the things that have stripped these people of everything - everything! - save their dignity. Treat them with care. Dignity is all many of them have left, and we must do nothing to take that away from them, too.

Love with an open heart.

Give with an open hand.


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