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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Whatever Happened To...

With Cindy Sheehan, a Gold Star Mother, reminding us that someone should be accountable for the losses mothers endure during a war - and with Joan Baez, always on the side of peace, singing at Camp Casey, my mind goes back to the Viet Nam Era, a time of flower children and flower power and posters, including this one, the mission statement of the organization Another Mother for Peace. I Googled the statement of the poster, hoping to find a nostalgic copy of it -- only to find that Another Mother for Peace is back, alive and well and promoting peace, and is completely behind the Cindy Sheehan originated movement!

Mothers promoting peace didn't just fade away after Viet Nam. The cause of peace is not merely a war-time issue. Promoting peace is actually a way of life, a gentleness in the way one lives -- those little things one does that put a positive spin on one's environment. This is everyone's duty in a peaceful society, but it falls most heavily on mothers, who teach their children from the time they are born how to act, react, how to tolerate and forgive, how to promote peace in their own back yards. Mothers have always taught peace.

With the rising human cost of the War on Terror, Another Mother for Peace has risen again to spread the word that war is not healthy. Now they reach higher. This year's AMP "New Summer 2005 Peace Homework" assignment is Stop High School Recruitment . AMP believes high school recruitment encroaches on the privacy of families and nudges us all a bit closer to the draft. Along with its own suggestions (write letters to the appropriate people, talk to your kids) AMP links to another site, Leave My Child Alone, which gives more detailed suggestions and even more information.

The poster itself, which I remembered and which started this morning's net wanderings, is the design of Lorraine Schneider, back in 1965. Read her fascinating story here. You can get your own copy of the poster and other merchandise, the funds, of course, benefitting the cause, at the AMP website.

Hm. More stuff to put on my list of gifts to buy. Puts a whole new spin on the phrase, "meaningful gifts!"


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