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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Liberty the Cat wears a collar with her license (who thought licensing cats was a good idea? Fie on thee!) and a couple of tiny brass bells. It's a break-away collar, so if she gets stuck somewhere she will lose the collar, not dangle or choke. It's something she has worn since she became my cat, although I think she is prettier without it. And she was without it for a time -- having sprung free of it while exploring her temporary home in Doug's spare bedroom. I didn't realize it was gone - and so, didn't look for it, for a time - during which Liberty became Stealth Liberty, the terror of Grovewood Lane. The little bells are just tinklers - nothing loud or anything - but when she wears her collar, part of my head can hear the bells and knows exactly where she is, mostly, sort of, all the time, like background noise. Without it, I have no idea. Poor Dexter doesn't, either. She sneaks up on him so quietly I can hear surprise in his cries when she suddenly gets in his face. And that's not fair. This is his house, after all.

So in the name of fair play, I hunted around and found her collar and put it back on her. She shook her head to hear the tinkling, stretched out, then -- and I have never seen her do this before -- held her head still as she walked away, the bells silent. Smart cat. Stealth Liberty. Poor Dexter.

The encounters between the two cats seems to be getting less intense. I doubt they will be bathing one another before it is time to take Liberty home, but they may settle into some form of play before then.

There goes Liberty, crouched and moving fast - not making a sound. Stealth Liberty.

Maybe not.


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