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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Price of Being Read

I guess it comes with the territory. When one starts participating - not just writing a blog - in Blogdom, in come the ads and spamblog comments. I saw Haloscan active on a blog or two, and read the good things people have to say about it -- so it is the newest addition to the Soapbox. Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

I am really getting into this -- looking for new places to gather opinions, facts, references. (Note the expanding Links list!) I may have to develop a separate life just to keep up with it all. I find places to add my two-cents worth (I do give change!) and I hope that, as I write about things other than the care and feeding of the Organism (um.. that would be me) I will be hearing from others with their opinions and comments.

I think blogging is far preferable to forums and message boards. I have seen so many of those revert to name calling and other nastiness. I have not seen that in (at least the circles I inhabit in) Blogdom. I find people are authentically more helpful, more prone to not post anything if not done nicely. (Now, watch me leave the safety of my own blog and run into the nastiest stuff...but you know, I don't believe that will happen. )

Evolution of internet communication, of sorts.

I like it.

Hm. Seems like I lost some of the comments on some of these posts. I wonder how that happened...


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