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Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Toys

I'vr been busy playing with my new toys. I have just discovered how easy it is to scan photos into the computer and upload them to That rectangle full of shifting images to the left on this page is a Flickr 'badge' - it offers a preview of all my pictures, which will bore the average blog reader...they're mostly family, mostly from the box under my bed which has defied sorting for more years than I care to count. Some of them are nearing extinction, and I uploaded them just in time. Some of them are priceless, at least to me. Bit by bit I am sorting them and saving them to disk. It's a project -- but one I do enjoy.

Another reason things have been pretty quiet on this front is that I have run across something that has caught my attention and I am investigating it. I had no idea there are those among us who believe what we saw, what we were told we saw, what happened and what we were told happened on September 11, 2001 is not necessarily the truth. It boggles my mind, and I am trying to find out what I can through reliable sources. If you want to do this as I do, start where I am starting, at I have tried four times to link to this site, and after each attempt I have lost everything written after the link in my blog entry. Spooky. More about this soon.


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