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Friday, August 12, 2005

ICE, Please

What a great idea this is! Cell phone owners have, literally in their hands, the ability to give first-on-scene rescue workers important contact information. The concept is called ICE - for In Case of Emergency -- and comes to us courtesy of a paramedic in the East of England. By adding this information under the address ICE on your cell phone, you can show next of kin, or even a note regarding medical information ("I am a diabetic") or anything pertinent to a rescuer who finds you in a state where you cannot speak for yourself. Parents can be sure this is on the cell phones of their young kids. Older folks can do the same, and, in fact, this alone may get some of the hold outs to try out these new-fangled things.


Of course, whenever a new idea comes about regarding equipment, hoaxes abound. That's why I checked with (They of "Urban Legend" fame) -- as I do anything which concerns me. Here Snopes gives, not only the history, but the common hoaxes regarding ICE that you may find in your inbox -- and declares them as false. Don't be afraid to help yourself by adding ICE to your cell phone address book.

You never know.
Be safe.


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