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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Getting Better

I found the this wonderful picture at and read the notes. It was taken by a young lady, Riri, who was photographically exploring Whitby Abandoned Psychiatric Facility. I understood it at once. I wrote the accompanying piece to go with it, because it is something I know.

Getting Better

This is what it is like
to be getting well:
You can see out.

The colors are bright,
the leaves lush on the trees,
the branches dark
and strong
and you know what is outside
you can see it
through jagged openings
that wait only for you to turn
around, face the fresh
air and notice

and you notice
that you are still inside,
notice that it is grey in here,
dull and dark and safe
in this shipwreck
and the bars
across the open space are gone.

Outside in the wilderness
of trees it is bright
and welcome warm.
You stand back
from the window
and look past

the raggedy hole
into the frightening


Copyright (c) 2005 Smokey Combs all rights reserved


If you want to see more of Riri's work (And I strongly recommend it! She is talented and has an eye for the real world that is tempered with an uncommon gentleness), visit here.

Maybe you will write your own poem...


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