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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Becoming Modern

When Techie kid was younger, he would hail each of my accomplishments on modern equipment as my coming to be a "Modern Mom." I'm not sure how surprised he was that I could manage to comprehend each new-fangled thing that came along, but he always was pleased that I had mastered something new. Techie Kid is knee deep in his Medical and Health Information Network project, so I am not sure he even noticed that I have mastered something new. Or maybe he just isn't surprised anymore.

I finally figured out how to get the pictures out of my camera and onto my computer. Not only that, I have figured out how to get them out to other people. I can actually take pictures and share them! I can crop them, resize them, color them, delete them -- and get the camera ready to take more. And it was easy.

I feel really foolish -- I have had the camera 18 months or so, and hardly used it. When I did use it, I was at events I wanted to save, but could't figure out how to get the pictures out. So it surprised some family members when I was able to share with them photos from a dinner when my brother (BBB - left) visited . I learned where to put the memory card from the camera and was able to get these memorable pics.

Then I found out that the internal memory of the camera could be transferred to the memory card and I could access them just as easily -- so the pictures of my granddaughter Jaime's wedding were accessible! And the pictures of my mother, too!

And, of course, the inevitable picture of Liberty the Cat can now be shared:

So now I have a new toy and will probably go overboard for the first few days -- but I think in the end, I will have an improved blog. I have discovered how easy it can be to illustrate just about anything I can write about, and that can't be all bad. It may even shorten my entries -- after all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So now I am what Techie Kid used to call a "Modern Mom." Stick around -- it could be a fun ride!


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