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Monday, July 18, 2005

Pinnocchio's Last Stand

I am not where you left me,
not where you set me
aside in that cubbyhole
in your workshop.
I have left you, Gepetto –

and when you are done doing
everything you set out to do,
when you are finished
saying things and building things
and making old things look
brand new again – when you are
done with your list-making,
prioritizing and goal tending
you will reach for me

and when you do
all you will find is
a shaft of air.
You will shrug,
think you have misplaced me,
and you will say
so what

so what I am saying to you is
see ya, fare-thee-well,
happy trails and goodbye.

I am off to seek the fortunes
of the world on my own terms,
leaving you with your
labels and index cards,
classification tabs

and the knowledge
that you probably made a mistake
when you catalogued me
because the part of me
you could not sort
and could not understand
is my curious independence

and I am gone - gone - gone, Gepetto!
leaving you confused,
positively bewildered at the very idea,
the fact that my heart
isn’t wooden after all.

(c) 2000 Smokey Combs All rights reserved


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