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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Liberty the Cat

Liberty the Cat was doing her morning relaxation exercise -- sprawled out at the foot of my bed, dozing in the filtered sunshine. I was in my usual place in the bathroom, able to see her through a mirror placed on the inside of an open door. As I watched her, she stretched and yawned and looked directly into the mirror.

I have watched cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, birds and even a raccoon look at mirrors. Kittens will actually peer into them, now and then -- but I was totally dumbfounded this morning when Liberty the Cat looked into the angled mirror through which I saw her - and saw me. Her eyes held mine - but I was reluctant to believe this cat had actually used the mirror as a tool, as I had, to see around a corner and down a short hallway. To make sure, I reached to the floor where one of her inevitable shoestrings lie and picked it up. Liberty can resist being called, being snuggled, even treats rattled in a can, if she has half a mind to, but Liberty cannot resist her shoestrings. I usually wiggle her shoestrings for her to leap and play with, then I ask her, "Are you ready?" and she assumes her pounce stance and waits for me to toss the string so she can retrieve it. This morning I raised the shoestring so it was in front of my face and wiggled it. Her eyes grew wide as they do when she is about to give chase, and when I waved it to and fro, her eyes were on the long end. Liberty the Cat was using the mirror. A cat can use tools.

Of course, cats have been known to use many things to their own advantage for years, but this, for some reason, amazes me. It also makes me wonder just how closely this little creature keeps tabs on me. And why...


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