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Monday, June 06, 2005

Well, that was interesting.....

Ach! I had a real surprise yesterday (Sunday) at home. I was running upkeep on my computer (even if it won't get me on line, the silly thing still gets visited from outside sources -- so I run Ad-Aware every day, regardess, and AVG Virus Protection. After both were updated (don't ask me how -- the updates can often get on-line when I cannot. Yesterday morning they both did) I noticed that the internet connection was still open -- so I used it to visit here and my mailbox. Then I gave it the ultimate test -- I went to my on-line playground and played a game or two. It let me. I came back here, made comments to my comments, and decided to have lunch. By the time I had eaten and straightened up the kitchen, I could no longer get on line. All that had happened in the interim is that AVG notified me of two virus attempts -- and both were, I was notified, successfully healed. Both had come in, according to the notifications, on my updates.

This gets curiouser and curiouser. Any time now I expect my home computer to sprout hair and a face and look like the cantankerous child it has been lo, these weeks. I imagine it would be a tech's nightmare -- it appears to be running clearly and quickly, so techie would leave. No sooner would the poor tech get home than my computer will dissolve into error messages. Tech will swear it is something I did -- but I did nothing.

Go figure. And if anyone has an idea I can try (she with ten thumbs and a literal, not a technical, mindset) -- by all means, let me know here. I get two hours a day -- if my students let me -- in the computer lab when I can check my e-mail and this spot.

Please and thank you --


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