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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sometimes Ya Gotta Let Go....

Sometimes it becomes blatantly clear that a relationship you are hoping will continue is a dead horse somewhere on the road behind you. When that does -- well, maybe this explains it:

This Is To Tell You

You have been removed from my list
and set free from bombardment
of stories and factoids,
jokes, URLs and websites
and other connections to me.

The line was tenuous at best,
an overture met with indifference -
and I despise indifference
nearly as much as hatefulness,
and I refuse to feed yours.

It doesn’t mean anything
that I have included you out,
only that I have felt stupid
including you in
where you didn’t ask to be.

While there has been nothing of value
in those awkward overtures --only in the
thoughts that sent them, only in the reasons,
the laughter, the smile, the wanting to share --
they were well meant

and it t doesn’t mean anything
that I let you know this, except everyone
should know the reason
of an action he didn’t expect

and you didn’t expect it,
did you? Not from me.
But now is the time of my self-survival, an honoring
of the incredible fragility inside,
spun opals under glass,

a respect for her capacity for breakage,
and the fact that, unbeknownst
to you, the stones
you hold in your fist
frighten me.

© 2005 Smokey Combs
all rights reserved


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