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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Gone again....

I'm off line again. I did learn a few things, though – and thought I would share them here.

The last person to work on my computer (besides me) removed my registered Windows Millenium and installed instead that infernal Windows XP.

So here I am, with an infernal XP installation on my machine which no longer works because some settings are off, some settings are missing, all this after I ran regular maintenance – a disk clean-up. The problem results in my not being able to get on line. My modem works – although the person who installed the infernal XP replaced the ethernet cable twice (it wasn't the cable, it is in the connection settings) and somehow messed up my connection to MSN (MSN Premium comes with Verizon DSL – which I have, and when my computer works, I love) so that, even when I fiddled around and managed to get on line, I could not access my custom home page or (more importantly) my calendar.

So I spent an afternoon on the telephone with Verizon techies, who checked everything they could check without being in my home office area. My modem is fine. My cables are fine. The connection isn't. They told me to report the error to Microsoft.My ME -- which only disadvantage I found was that it does not play my SIMS as well as XP (and, in fact, is not even recommended on the SIMS CD case, as is XP) –is gone forever, with my registration and all the settings that used to work. Whatever patch or repair I had with ME through Microsoft is not working with this infernal XP. I wonder what Techie kid would say to this situation. Sigh. Probably just shake his head and go get a cup of coffee. He shakes his head a lot when he has to think about me and technology in the same paragraph.

All that was really wrong with my computer running ME is that there was no good spyware running on it, and its virus protection was (just barely) out-of-date. And, of course, the SIMS thing – the program ran, but not so well as it does on XP. It wasn't broke – but the last person to work on my computer fixed it anyway. The only thing I can think of is to save up over a number of months to buy a new OS, wipe the hard drive clean and start from scratch. That means I will be writing these entries at home, then transporting these, as well as anything else I want to send via e-mail, via floppy to the downstairs computer lab where I tutor ten hours a week, where, if time permits, I can post entries here and send e-mail. I won't be able to access the internet over the weekend.

So meanwhile, being off-line, I have had the opportunity to edit and write and re-write a lot of my work from years and years ago – as well as build a whole new SIMS neighborhood. I manage to keep busy anyway, and still have time to be incensed at some of the goings on in my neighborhood, my state, the country, and the world. Expect some to come plopping in as I transport them on my floppies...


This was written 6PM 05-21-05; not posted until 10:30 or so 05-31-05 because the word processing program installed on my computer by the last person to work on it – besides me – does not automatically save to the universal Microsoft Word, and I had to teach myself all about the new program before it could be productive. (I am becoming less and less open to change – does anyone out there blame me?)


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