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Monday, March 07, 2005

Speaking of Contamination.....

Ach! My home computer contracted something insidious, and was out of service for a time. Techie Kid has spent time he hasn't really had cleaning it up and installing for me the latest in everything, and tells me that today it will be servicable once more. (Thank you thank you thank you!) I must remember to make a small batch of peanut-butter cookies for that man.

I hadn't realized how much I value my computer and the access it affords me until it was gone - I was actually frustrated to tears. I read things that begged me to write about them. I could write, of course - I do have paper and pens and pencils around here - but I tend to do best dropping things right down in words once, editing them from that place, and sending them off on their own from that place. Like here. Of course, I write all the time -- which is what allows me to just plop down entries in seemingly short amounts of time. I've probably been writing it for days in my head.

Without a working computer I had the chance to read the entire Sunday paper from end to advertisement end, start the Super Hard Crossword Puzzle (which generally takes me until Wednesday to finish) and to pace a dent in the floor in my apartment. I actually organized a few things around my computerless place this weekend - and repotted my GruGru palm, which is cactus-like on the trunk (one-inch very sharp spines all over it!) and has a floof of strap-like leaves on the top. I used oven mitts, for all the good that did. The plant (I call him "Spike") is about 6 feet tall, and at one point it toppled over onto my right arm - extremely painful. I actually sat there on the floor a moment. I had to think of the best way to get the heavy old sharp thing off my arm and decided the best thing to do was place my left arm around behind my head and push the trunk straight off, the way it came down. Some of the spines apparently broke off under the skin, and one in particular seems to have at least grazed a vein - there is a big ol' bruise just southeast of the elbow. Ow. I just noticed it acts up as I type. Where did I leave my Tylenol?

More soon about a whole bunch of things. It was a very interesting Opinion Page in the Sunday St. Petersburg Times!


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