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Friday, March 11, 2005

Bye Bye Techie Kid!

It took him nearly 4 years to come visit, and now he's gone again.

Sigh. I guess mothers never get done mothering.

Techie Kid is off at his usual break-neck speed, determined to assuage his curiosity and explore his new home. I am hoping they have postage stamps (for all the e-mail in the world, a mother still likes to get a note now and then in the actual handwriting of her kid. It's more personal. Heck, you can't blame us for sentimentality -- mothers are 85 percent sentiment.) and I am also hoping he enjoys the beauty around him -- that he will slow down long enough once in a while to look.

It was so very nice having him here -- though I wish I could have offered better accomodations. We seem to not-say a lot of things, my Techie Kid and me. Some things are unspoken and some are just unsaid. Odd for two people who are so wordy everywhere else. During his stay I had him accompany me to a therapy session. I guess I wanted him to see where I am now -- as opposed to where I had been and where I will eventually end up. I wanted to give him reason not to worry about me and depression and prescription drugs and kitchen knives -- I hope he learned enough where he thinks of me as only mildly neurotic now -- just like everyone else. For a while there even I wasn't sure I could get back to this place.

So on to his adventure he goes -- dragging his worldly posessions behind him. He will keep busy, he will keep charming the birds out of the trees and allowing butterflies to land on his fingers.

I hope it doesn't take him another 4 years to come back.



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