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Monday, February 21, 2005


Today, I - unprose - Smokey - Mother of a Techie!- have finally entered the new Millenium. My Techie son just installed, on this very computer, Mozilla. It is totally alien to me, but I am friendly, a bit of a diplomat, and curious. Mozilla and I should be friends in no time.

I've wandered around Mozilla a bit today, checking out this and that. I don't know if it is a part of Mozilla itself or something left over from the installation, but there are many interesting links that I will be checking out. I hope to make this blog a more interesting place - I will have at my fingertips the references I need to make more pithy comments, and those references will most likely be the springboard for more interesting topics.

I was chastised for not making my entries more - well, daily. By hook or by crook, my son the techie is determined to keep me busy and to that end, he has also passed along to me several books from the O'Reilly catalog, suggesting that perhaps I can write reviews. Well, now that is a real possiblity.

When I spent the better part of my disposable income on this computer last year, I purposely set it up to be a writer's tool. I plan to eventually support myself free-lancing, I keep saying. But you know, I haven't done a whole lot toward that end in the last year. I am still healing from a life of bad stuff, and I have recently recognized that sometimes that sort of being sick can be paralyzing. Even stuff one knows one should be taking care of can fall into the corner of 'not today' - which can last a long long time. That, of course, is added to the pile of various and scary shames, in that corner over there. Fixing that is one more thing that ends up waiting to be done, eventually landing in the Corner of Shame - already too heavily populated - as one more thing to deal with. It spirals upward if one doesn't make a definite effort.

I am getting better. Techie Son is nudging me forward. I am reminded once again that our kids can teach us a lot if we give them the chance, if we pay attention, and if we clear our minds of all the presets and templates we've installed through the years. Kinda like approaching Mozilla when one is really quite comfortable with Windows.



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