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Sunday, February 06, 2005


Chocolate. One of the basic food groups. I don't indulge often, but I do enjoy chocolate! And now I am being tempted, tested and will have to come up on the integrity side of the matter.

I love plain milk chocolate - Hershey's, or dark chocolate (also Hershey's) and my very favorite candy bar aside from those is Milky Way. Not the new-fangled ones - just the regular plain old reliable Milky Way that has been available for as long as I can remember. It's a Mars candy product, out of Hackensack New I thought. I bought two at the beginning of the month and decided to dessert on one with a hot and strong and creamy cup of coffee -- one of my favorite dessert combinations. I was playing with my SIMS people, so the coffee and candy bar were at the computer with me.

The Milky Way was fresh and soft and yielding, and it was wonderful. I looked down at the wrapper when it was gone and read, in a white box on the back of the wrapper, "11/2005 448FA01 MADE IN CANADA"

Made in Canada. Now, I have nothing against stuff made in Canada -- unless it is being made in Canada by an American company (Mars, Hackensack NJ) rather than in the US by US workers. Apparently Mars has outsourced the making of candy bars to Canada. I know it was not just a local across-the-border thing. I live in Florida, half a continent away from Canada.

I cannot buy Milky Way again in good conscience. Nor, according to Presidebt Bush, should I. I mean, drug companies have Canadians making drugs and Presidebt Bush tells us we cannot trust the quality. That's why he wants to make it illegal for Americans to buy the (sometimes much) less expensive drugs from Canadian sources on the internet or in our neighborhoods. And geez, if you can't trust the quality of something life-or-death important as drugs coming across the border, why should one trust the quality of a Milky Way (or for that matter, a Snickers Bar or a Mars Bar) from across the border? And what about the General Motors cars made in Canada and shipped to the US?

I will miss Milky Way. I have one left in my cupboard for later this month. I can't waste it. I've already paid for it, so to not eat it would be a shame. But I will not buy one again, unless it shows plainly on the label that it was made in the USA. And now that I am aware, I will be checking the labels of other things I buy that I thought were as all-American as apple pie.

I'll keep you posted. I have to go read the labels of things in my cupboard now, biding time until the Superbowl starts. (Yes, I have a preference as to whom I would like to see win -- but I think I should keep that to myself...)

Putting on my reading glasses --



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