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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Can't George W. Bush tell the truth about ANYTHING? I receive The Daily Mislead every day, and usually share with those on my "Wait til he/she sees THIS!" List. Today's was especially interesting, so I am sharing it here, from my own Soapbox:

THE DAILY MIS-LEAD<>===============================

President Bush has tried to avoid any responsibility for the flu vaccine shortage by making misleading statements. During the presidential debate last Wednesday, President Bush said the problem was that "we relied upon a company out of England."[1] That isn't true. Chiron Corp., the company whose vaccine plant was contaminated, is a California company - subject to regulation by the U.S. government - that operates a factory in England.[2] During the debate, President Bush also said, "we took the right action and didn't allow contaminated medicine into our country."[3] That isn't true either. It was the British authorities who, after inspecting the plant, revoked the factory's license on October 5th.[4] In June 2003, the United States Food and Drug Administration inspected the Chiron plant.[5] Initially, the FDA found that the plant was contaminated with bacteria but later announced, "the problems were corrected to their satisfaction," and allowed the plant to continue to operate.[6]

Sources: 1. "Transcript of Debate Between Bush and Kerry, With Domestic Policy the Topic," New York Times, 10/13/04, 2. "Both candidates stretched facts on key issues," Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/14/04, 3. "Transcript of Debate Between Bush and Kerry, With Domestic Policy the Topic," New York Times, 10/13/04, 4. "With Few Suppliers of Flu Shots, Shortage Was Long in Making," New York Times, 10/17/04, 5. Ibid., . 6. Ibid., .


No one was really blaming the flu vaccine mishap on George, per se -- although it has been pointed out that an ADMINISTRATION is responsible for a nation's well being (isn't that what the Surgeon General is supposed to do?) we, the American people, have been let down again. If we cannot count on our administration to get us flu shots, how can we trust they will be able to handle a chemical terrorist attack?

In reading the above, you may note, as I did, that the company responsible for supplying the vaccine to us is one of those which has outsourced its manufacturing. Somehow this company had contracted to supply the US with vaccine. (Read: Somehow this company, which is not using American labor, was contracted to supply the US with flu vaccine)

Not only did Bush dodge a bullet no one had shot at him, but he proved again what John Kerry has said: this administration headed by George W. encourages those companies who outsource our jobs by giving them large and important projects.

Could this plant contamination have happened in a US plant? Maybe. But in a US plant a product would be tested and quality checked randomly and often, and any problems found would have shut the plant down until they were corrected. You can be sure some quality or other expensive necessity was at risk at an outsource plant.

Read it yourself! And don't forget to check the references.

The Emperor really is not dressed in finery, you know. He's naked - and it ain't a pretty sight.

Yours for fresh faces in government -



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