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Thursday, September 16, 2004

How and Why

The name, The Soapbox Papers, is actually the name of a collection of poems I published in 1996. A limited variety of things are in that collection, mostly about relationships and such. Were I to publish it today, it would include a wider subject base - and that is where this blog comes in. Eventually I will get the contents of the poetry collection in here, as well as publishing it online at my website, which is still under construction. For now, though -- this space will allow me to voice opinions and wax philosophic and poetic as the spirit moves. I don't know that I will have any regular readers (I am letting my family know about it but that doesn't mean a whole lot. My children are grown and gone, and I figure if they didn't listen to me when they were young -- well, let's say that I am not expecting their readership.)

I am older than many, though not so old as some. I am grandmother to 6, great grandmother to 3, and if you stop and think about that -- that means many things have changed during my lifetime. I miss some of the old things, and I will talk about those over time. I am amazed at some of the new things, and I will voice that here, too. I am not toting a particular cause, though I have many. The thing is, by the time one reaches this age, somewhere in the fifth decade of life, one had better have some set ideas and beliefs, values and opinions, or one has not been paying attention.

I have been paying attention.

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